"Sacrifice is honorable as long as it is a choice."

Young-Gi H. (Hwan) Mun is the Marshal of the Federation of New Udonia.

Early Life

Mun was born in San Diego to a upper middle class family. Although his "luxurious" childhood may have spoiled him, at age ten his world ended. The first eruption cost him his home, leaving his family homeless. The second eruption cost him his family, leaving him orphaned. By age 15, Mun had secured himself in the ranks of the Xiulani military.


Mun is one of the few connections between the old world and the new. As such, he is not native Xiulani, as he was born over ten years before Xiulani was constructed. His main goal, visible through his years of military sacrifice, is to give every citizen a second chance when endangered, similarly to how the Xiulani military had rescued him at an early age.

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